88 mm


The future is here – large window areas, elegant design, high sound and heat insulation and exceptional safety – the TROCAL 88 innovation window meets all current and future requirements. Thanks to its modularity and upgrade technologies, this plastic window system with a construction depth of 88 mm offers a high level of economy and individuality.


Thanks to the very stable construction inside the plastic window profiles, you can use triple glazing and large-area functional glass up to a maximum glass thickness of 58 mm. This results in excellent sound insulation values. Areas with impressively large windows can be realized according to your personal wishes. A positive side effect of this is solar gain and thus a reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs – especially in winter. The innovative TROCAL 88 window system is also convincing in terms of burglar protection and ventilation options thanks to its integrable solutions.

The new, highly insulated system of the 7-room TROCAL 88 center already meets the high energy requirements for thermal insulation for passive houses in the standard version. The heat transfer coefficient Uf = 0.95 W / (m²K) is also achieved with triple glazing with a thickness of 48 mm. The remarkable thing here is that this thermal insulation value is achieved even with a steel reinforcement for the maximum dimension element sizes and also with colored profiles. With additional inserts, the TROCAL 88 PVC-U window system achieves a Uf value of up to 0.88 W / (m²K).

Let yourself be inspired by the TROCAL color range. Choose between neutral PVC white, smooth or grainy film colors on wood textures, plain or metallic colors.

Our green line principle: energy-efficient window systems, lead-free stabilizers in fresh material and intelligent recycling concepts ensure a plus in sustainability.


TROCAL 88 AluClip – a modern plastic window system, rounded with an elegant aluminum shell on the outside of the profile. A combination of the two materials of plastic and aluminum, combined with technology at the highest level in a window, leaves nothing to be desired in the future. With plastic profiles you get optimal heat and sound insulation, as well as permanent functional reliability. On the other hand, the aluminum shell offers you pronounced elegance and great weather resistance.

In addition, there is an incredible variety of colors for the aluminum shell on the outside of the window. The extraordinary number of e.g. RAL colors give the facade of your building a very individual character. You can also convince yourself through various painting and coating processes, such as anodizing or powder coating. Inside the room, your window impresses with its neutral white PVC.

But the 7-chamber closure system TROCAL 88 AluClip is not only convincing in appearance. This plastic window system with cut aluminum shell also sets new standards in thermal insulation with an excellent Uf value of 1.0 W / (m²K). Save on energy costs thanks to large window areas and thus the benefits of solar energy from solar radiation, in summer as well as in winter. In combination with triple glazing with a glass thickness of up to 58 mm, excellent sound insulation values are also achieved. When it comes to safety, the TROCAL 88 AluClip lets you feel safe, because thanks to its modularity and individuality, you can make your personal wishes come true.

All plastic profiles are produced in fresh material exclusively with lead-free stabilizers based on calcium / zinc.